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Indoor Party Ideas for Toddlers

Toddlers are just the right age to start enjoying birthday parties and the fun they bring.

As much as you probably want to throw the perfect party for your toddler, it’s okay to relax. Your child will more than likely be content at this age as long as they have good food, company, and entertainment. Your toddler isn’t quite the structured creature yet, so you shouldn’t have a problem with pickiness at this age. Keep it simple, and you will have a successful birthday party for toddlers on your hands.

But just in case, here are 5 helpful tips for planning your toddler’s party.

#1.) Let them Choose the Theme

Your toddler have already started to make decisions by this age, so letting them choose their own party theme is a great way to grow their decision making skills, and even their confidence.

#2.) Keep the Guest List Small

The last thing you want to do is overwhelm your toddler by having a lot of people show up. Try keeping the list around 5 kids or less to keep your party calm and much less of a mess.

#3.) Plan the Party Around Naptime

Toddlers can be clingy one minute and on a independent streak the next. Having your party after nap time can reduce chances of these meltdowns occurring, and give your toddler all the energy they need to fully enjoy their birthday party.

#4.) Try to Avoid Entertainers

This is the age where we can’t really be sure if entertainers such as clowns, magicians, or other could scare toddlers at the party. Not only are these strangers, but some may wear costumes or masks that can be quite the scare.

#5.) Arrange Seating for the Kids

Set up a seating area strictly for the kids such as a small table with chairs or picnic table.To make things more interesting, cover the table with a large white sheet of paper or cloth you don’t care about, for the kids to color on.

Food Ideas for Kids Birthday Parties

And if you are stuck on ideas for your toddler’s birthday party as well, check out the video below for some ideas.

5 Guidelines for Planning a Graduation Party on a Budget

Spring is probably one of the most exciting times of the year for most people, but especially kids of all ages because it’s the end of the school year. For high school seniors though, it can mean the very end of their high school career and the beginning of a new chapter in life.

Start the transition off with a celebration of style that acknowledges your graduates accomplishments and rewards them for their years of hard work. And what bigger way to do this than with a graduation party filled with a group of loved ones to celebrate with!

In this week’s post, we wanted to lay out the basics of throwing a party for your graduate that kicks butt without kicking the butt of your budget. In a 5 step process, we lay out these guidelines to follow in hopes of making your party planning a little easier and save you time and money.

1.) Make Sure the Party is About THEM

We don’t say this to spoil your teen, but to get them a little say in their own graduation party. This is something you should sit down and discuss together while planning and include everything from the food that will be served, games that will be played, guests that are invited, and well, you get the picture.

Make sure you establish a budget and work together to plan a party that follows that as well as both of your preferences. As long as your teen is keen on the party you are planning to throw for them, proceeding to the next step should be rather simple.

2.) Plan Out Your Budget

We touched vaguely on having a budget in #1, but we wanted to elaborate on it a little more seeing as it’s an important part of the foundation of your party. You may feel as though you want to go all out for your teen’s big accomplishment, but if you don’t have the budget then this may not be the best course of action. You don’t want to break the bank in planning a party. Besides, bigger isn’t always better and sometimes the smaller, more personable parties can be the best.

3.) Send Invites Digitally

Sending items via mail these days is getting pricey. Lucky for you, email and text messages are the new way of convenience and mostly everyone has at least one of the two. Besides, these are the primary mode of communication for teenages these days so they are more likely to see it and respond.

4.) Form Your Food Supply When It’s On Sale

Food for parties can get pricey, especially when the guest is big enough to fill an entire room. The more mouths there are to feed, the more of your budget you will end up using for food. Your best options?

Buy ideal party foods while they are on sale. These include pizza, chips, sodas, water, you know, the typical party food. If you prefer some healthier choices, make your own fruit, vegetable, and meat & cheese trays while each individual item is on sale. The good news is that during graduation season people are often outdoors, so sandwich items like meat & cheese are typically on sale and great for slicing up for finger foods.

Ask your guests to bring a dish of their own. You can make this fun by turning it into a contest or game, while adding some great dishes to the party menu. Or you can just ask friends and family to contribute one of their most delicious dishes.

5.) Try DIY Decorations

With all the popular TV shows, blogs, Pinterest and other various social media profiles on the subject of party planning, the days of buying all your decorations from retail stores is over; that is, unless you want to save time instead of money.

There are tons of great ideas for making your own party decorations and games for making your own party decorations and games. With a little bit of effort and creativity, you can develop the ultimate party theme that beats any old generic and pricey one. The video belows shows excellent ideas for do-it-yourself graduation party decorating and planning. Check it out for ideas and to see how to create your own fun activities such as building your own cheap and customized photo booth.

And there you have it. Stick to these guidelines and you can throw a fun-filled, memorable graduation party that you and your teen can cherish for a lifetime. What are some of the coolest ideas you had for a graduation party you were planning?

5 Interesting Ideas for Outdoor Parties and Entertainment

When it’s time for Spring and Summer to arrive, it becomes time for outdoor parties and entertainment. Whether you’re inviting over friends or family or throwing an annual block party with your neighbors, we’ve sure got a series of tips for you to help you organize and plan.

From planning to set-up, here are a helpful series of steps to make your party an absolute smash.

1.) Decide on a group of guests to invite and prepare the invitations. If you are inviting less than 12 people, you may not need to send invitations at all and can instead just ask during a conversation. Friendly texts and emails can serve as great reminders as the party nears, but there’s no need to invest in paper invitations (unless you want to) when the group you are inviting is small.

2.) Outdoor parties are fun and can be associated with a plethora of different recipes such as BBQ, chips, fruits, vegetables, party trays, corn on the cob, and so much more!

A cool idea is to ask everyone to contribute their own dish to a.) have diverse food at the party and b.) save you time and money that could be put towards food for tons of people, which can get pretty expensive by the time everything adds up.

You can even set a type of theme for your outdoor party like southwestern or mexican, to make things more fun and spice things up a bit.

3.) When it comes to food, you should be prepared for extra guests and extra appetites by making at least 50 percent more food than originally planned. This is also where it can come in handy to make your party a potluck and have everyone bring a dish of their own.

You don’t want to run out of food and end up with some disappointed guests, so it’s always better to be safe than sorry by having more. If you have too many leftovers, you can always send some of them home with your guests.

4.) Have multiple places to sit in your outdoor party setting, with a mixture of at least tables and chairs. You can even set out some blankets for kids or adventurous guests if they prefer to sit on the ground as though they were having a picnic.

5.) Always be prepared for possible bad weather conditions. It’s a good idea to check the weather several different times during the days leading up to the party and from different sources as well. If there’s a great possibility of rain, winds, or strong storms, you may consider rescheduling unless you feel like possibly moving the party to the inside if these actually occur. It’s always good to have a backup plan since the weather isn’t something that we can control.

What are your suggestions and ideas for creating a party outdoors?

Bonus: This video has some awesome ideas for living up your parties outdoors even more, so enjoy!

5 Fly Ways to Inflate a Child’s Birthday Party With Smiles & Inflatable Slides

Kids birthday parties are always fun, but there are lots of ways to inject more of it. These our one of all of our favorites types of parties and love each opportunity we have to plan one. In all our years of party planning, we have constantly been progressing with new activities and games that will hold the interest of children while holding back from spending a ton of their parents money on a party budget.

Because of this, we decided to create this post for you today that will share some of the most successful party activities we have used in the past that our clients and their guests absolutely loved. We hope you will enjoy and find some of them useful enough to use at your child’s next birthday party.

#1.) Classic Party Games

You can never go with good old games that everyone enjoys playing. Pin the tail on the donkey has been known as the all-time classic as we still see kids get a kick out it to this day. You can also never go wrong with hop-scotch, bean bag tosses, music chairs, sports games and so many more. Refer to this guide for more ideas for birthday party games.

#2.) Party Rentals

These include bounce houses, inflatable slides and obstacle courses, concession rentals, basketball & baseball games and more. Party rentals may seem a little on the expensive side but if you’re throwing a party for a large group of kids, at least one of these are great for keeping kids active all day and having so much fun that they literally crash.

We have seen kids get so excited over some of these that in one case the actually peed in their pants when they saw the huge inflatables right in front of their face, lol.

#3.) Party Entertainers

Whether it’s a clown, magician, face painter or musician, hiring an entertainer is a good way to keep kids interacted and a cool way to help them possible learn something new.

#4.) Rent a Photobooth or Create Your Own

Photo booths are the ultimate way to bring guests of every age together as you get to dress up in costumes, select your own props, and watch as everyone has a turn. Photo booths have become such a popular trend for parties because of how much fun people can have as a group. Even parents can jump in and enjoy a good time with their kids.

Learn how to make your own photobooth here , or watch this video for instructions.



#5.) Concessions

Everyone seems to love snowcone, popcorn and cotton candy machines as they tend to make them feel like a kid again, and we all know how excited kids can get. Concession rentals add excitement to parties, and light kids up with smiles so wide they could eat these treats in only one bite.

And there you have it – Our top 5 ways to make any kid’s birthday party instantly fun, and a memory that they can cherish for a lifetime.

5 Summer Birthday Party Ideas for Kids – Part 1

It’s great to be a kid with a birthday in the Summer. It seems like there are more options for party themes and locations as opposed to Winter, and of course the weather adds for a lot more to do.

In our post today, we thought it would be fun to share some of our more successful birthday party ideas for kids that are unique in their own ways. These ideas will give you child’s party a different kind of theme that you may never even seen before, making the party even more special and fun.

A lot of these are such nifty ideas that we decided to turn this into a two part post so we could really get down to the nitty gritty and make them more consumable. So without further ado, let’s get started with part one.

1.) Angry Birds

Angry Birds was certainly a popular game about two to three years ago, but it’s still going strong. If your child still loves the Angry Birds, create you own bean bag toss around the theme. Your kids will love throwing these homemade bean bags with the birds, pigs, and other neat faces you will be painting onto them.

This is where you will want to get creative, but using cardboard boxes and packaging supplies tend to work the best. We suggest checking out this more detailed post on creating this game, as it goes into better detail that you just can’t miss.

2.) Wipeout

Create a wipeout course for your kids party, as seen on the actual show called Wipeout.

For this you will need a slip-n-slide or large tarp that is able to serve the same purpose. You can always just rent these from your local party event rental store. You will also need some soap, a hose, and red medicine balls that are just small enough for kids to ride on. You are going to need a tire as well so that the ball will safely fit inside the middle of the tire.

You may want to always do a double check before letting the kids try them, but now you have the ultimate slip-n-slide for everyone at the party to enjoy.

3.) Bubbles

Make a homemade human bubble game with a kiddie pool, a hula hoop, and some bubbles. We think you get the idea on this one but we will suggest that if you want your bubbles to be really big, fix the mixture the night before so you can enjoy maximum bubble strength.

4.) Water Balloon Pinata 

Ready to make your kid’s party a total splash? Let everyone cool down in one of the coolest ways around by creating cheap and easy to make water balloon pinatas. All you will need aside from the balloon are funnel, stick or bat, and garden hose and bam, you’re ready to spark up some fun.

5.) Painting

Sure you can hire a face painter, or you can let kids be the painters themselves in a slightly different kind of way. Give the kids a giant blank painting board and a paint brush, and let their creative sides shine through. Painting boards can get a little pricey, so flattened cardboard boxes can do just as good.

We hope you will get quite the kick out of the summer party ideas for kids. Stay tuned for part two to see what other kinds of hip and happening ideas we have for you.

Continued: 5 More Summer Birthday Party Ideas for Kids

We are back again and here for part two of our mini-series on Summer birthday party ideas for kids. If you missed part one, be sure to check it out here when you get a chance.  And now for part 2!

Some very cool ideas and themes for birthday parties have already been mentioned but don’t worry, we’ve got a handful of more great ideas to make your child’s party a splash.

1.) Photos for Everyone

What more fun could the kids at a party have than dressing up in costumes and posing for silly pictures? Photo booths have become huge hits at birthday parties and the great news is that instead of renting one, you can create your very own for rather cheap and easy.

Backgrounds, props, and costumes can be created from leftover cardboard and small favors from party stores. Just get creative, the possibilities are endless. Even better news, you don’t need to hire some fancy photographer or go out and buy an expensive camera of your own. Using a simple tripod fit, you can position a smart phone or tablet in front of the camera and there you have it – a fun photo booth that your child and all of their friends will greatly enjoy and remember for years.

2.) Bring on the Outdoors

Most gets love to run around outside and enjoy what nature has to offer. If you want part of your kid’s party to have some physical activity to it, consider creating a cool obstacle course. You can use old cardboard boxes here as well and have mazes, slides, tires to track through, strings to maneuver past, and well, we think you’re starting to get the picture. Keep it fun, yet simple.

If you need some ideas for creating your own obstacle course outdoors, we highly suggest diving into this article.

3.) Ride a Slide

We mentioned having a water slide in our first post of this series, but this slide is slightly different. Instead of using tires and medicine balls to cruise down the slip-n-slide, kids can just use themselves.

Grab a large water -proof tarp or drop cloth, some buckets of water or hosepipe, and some u-shaped garden stakes to keep the slide in place. With these things, you can create the ultimate water slide for less, yet much more fun.

4.) Super Cool Sports

Many kids are into sports, especially when they can do it while interacting with friends. Others may be into games. Either way with this next one, you can kill two birds with one stone.

Using a tarp, some colorful duct tape, and markers, you can create your own type of sports/carnival game of football, basketball, even soccer.

5.) Breaking Balloons

Speaking of carnival games, didn’t you always like the one where you threw a dart or other object at a wall with balloons attached to it? Guess what, you can bring one of your own to the party! If your kids enjoy too of course. 😉 You call fill these balloons with water or even candy or other type of treat.

You’re going to need a small shop vac and some pvc pipe to aid in getting the candy inside. For water, using a funnel seems to work best.

As always, we hope you have enjoyed these ideas and can utilize them during the planning of your next birthday party for a child.

What kind of ideas have you used in the past that made a big splash?

Birthday Party Ideas, Decorations Included

We may have experience in the photo booth rental space, but really we like the idea of a DIY photo booth too. If you don’t want to go to the trouble of renting a photo booth or don’t want to spend the money on renting one, making one for yourself seems like the next best thing.

But it doesn’t stop there…

With any good photo booth rental comes decorations and props, or at least a background to shoot pictures in front of.

The beauty of creating your own photo booth is that you can choose the type(s) of background you want and utilize it. Believe it or not, wrapping paper can work just fine for a background and as you know, it comes in all kind of colors, shades, and varieties. Blankets and sheets make fine backdrops too. For kids, using sheets with popular cartoons characters typically prove to be a success.

You can find all kinds of decorations and many kinds of props online and on or at your local Party City or other form of party supply store. eBay also has many props for cheap that come in packages. It doesn’t have to be perfect, just use your creativity. Just like Sarah from SoCraftastic:

And what’s a birthday party without treats?

Sarah also shares how to make special treats that will stand out at any birthday party.

We hope that you enjoyed this instructional post for making your own party decorations and treats that are certain to please.

What kind of DIY preparations have you made for a birthday party?

5 Last Minute Ideas for Memorial Day Get Togethers

Happy Memorial Day! As you know, today our country takes recognition of its men and women for protecting and serving for so many decades now. In an annual celebration, parties will take place all weekend and into Monday. Even if you haven’t had the time to plan anything to do, there are always great ways to celebrate in style around the people you love.

In a last minute honor of Memorial Day, we have taken a little bit of time to list some simple and satisfying ways to make the most out of your Holiday. They aren’t the best we have ever come up with but hey, we want to have some fun today too. 😉

1.) Have a Cookout

It doesn’t take long to throw some hamburgers and hotdogs on the grill and grab some chips, desserts, and sodas or alcohol. What more do you really need than your loved ones to join you in a celebration feast with?

2.) Play Games

Whether you want to spend the day inside or out, games are a great way to keep everyone entertained. Charades. potato sack races, throwing footballs and frisbees, and so many more.

3.) Play Music Chairs

Music is a great idea to have at any get together. You can use it for background noise, karaoke, and even a friendly game of musical chairs.

4.) Fly a Kite

If the weather in your areas allows for it, grab your kite and watch it take flight while keeping the neighbors and other party to enjoy too. There’s nothing like a colorful kite flying in the sky on a gorgeous Summer day,

5.) Make a Slip-n-Slide

For the kids and grown-up kids at your get together, a water slide is a cheap and simple way to add a wave of fun. All you really need is a large waterproof tarp, some duct tape or other force to hold it down with, and a hose pipe for the water, and now you have your own mini water park at your party.

It doesn’t matter what you do on this day and long as you get to have fun. The best thing we can do on this day however, is keep in our thoughts those that have put their lives on the line for our country so that we can be here today to celebrate and live.

If you know or see any veterans, give them a personal thanks, which are far too few in this day in time.

5 Inexpensive Ideas for Planning a Graduation Party

Graduation is a big time in a person’s life, but that doesn’t mean it has to be a big job to plan great parties.

Whether you’re on a tight budget, don’t have the right amount of space, or simply cannot come up with any party ideas, where there’s a will there’s a way. And there are plenty of great ways to plan a graduation party, regardless of your circumstances at hand.

Here are 5 of our best ideas for planning a graduation party that will rock your graduate’s world and all of the people in it.

1.) Make your menu matter

When it comes to party food, what better way to make your graduate happier than to serve a menu full of their favorite foods? You can even base the menu around a theme, from the college they will be attending, a past memory, or any other significant event.

2.) Fun with food

This is where the fun really begins. There are hundreds if not thousands of graduation party recipes floating around the web these days, and simply not enough room to all list here. Check out this master list to catch the scoop. From cookies, to cakes, finger foods, and many varieties in between, there are many cool ideas that graduates will absolutely love.

3.) Make more memories

They say a picture is worth a thousand words and with this next party favor, your guests will be exclaiming more words than that.

Make your memories last longer in a special and unique way with a DIY photobooth. Create your own props, backgrounds, and costumes, and bring the whole group together for a fun time full of laughter and memories that will last forever. You can even share them with friends and family that couldn’t make the party on social media. With photo booths, the possibilities are virtually endless.

This is one of our favorites and have such a fun effect on people, that they are growing more and more popular as entertainment for parties of all kinds.

4.) Dazzle with decorations

Why buy boring old generic decorations when you could make some even cooler ones yourself? Yes, you sure can make your own streamers, tassels, and other party decorations that even trump the ones sitting on the shelves in retail stores. Some of our best ideas include:

  • Using yearbooks as table placements
  • Displaying framed photos of the grad in different locations around the party
  • Using a clothesline to hang photos on
  • Create graduation cap table centerpieces
  • Making your own tassels out of paper
  • We recommend checking out this happening site for more details on DIY party decorations.

5.) Location, location, location

It’s not about where the graduation is planned, but where they graduate would like for it to be planned. If your home isn’t the best fit or is too limited on room, find a venue or other simple spot that will comfortably fit the amount of guests invited. It can sometimes get pricey to rent a place out for a day or night, but often friends and other family members will have a place to offer. You can never go wrong with having a party outdoors, as long as the weather remains cooperative.

How to Plan a Happening Birthday Party for Adults

To get the new version of the website started off right, we wanted to create a simple article/checklist that you can use to plan a basic birthday party for a group of adults. Obviously, these tips can used as a foundation for parties for all ages, but they work best for adults as most children tend to get bored after the sweets and other good foods are gone.

Here is a step-by-step list for planning a birthday bash that is bound to make a splash.

#1.) Decide on a Budget

It’s best to first decide on a budget so you can determine how much you can spend and on what. Will your party need streamers, balloons, a clown, dancers, bartenders, party hats, alcohol or any other kind of decorations or entertainment? It’s best to make a list of everything you plan to have at the party, then narrow them down by importance.

#2. ) Choose a Theme

Select a theme for your party according to the taste of who it’s actually for. We always like to relate the theme to a favorite thing of the star of the party, and they generally like that as well. Whether it’s a casino party, surprise party, indoor, or outdoor party, select fiesta favors and entertainment that stick to the theme.

#3.) Make a Guest List

After determining a budget you should have a better idea of how many people you can support a party for. Decide if the party will stick to family and friend, co-workers, ladies only or a mixture of both. It’s usually best to plan around the maximum number of guests to ensure you will have enough food and seating for everyone. A crowded party doesn’t always last for very long…

#4.) Pick a Party Destination

Once you know how many people your party is going to possibly have, you can now look for a place to comfortably accommodate all of your guests. Most importantly, make sure you have enough tables and chairs and look into renting them if you don’t. Pick an optimal location that you can be sure will take care of all of your party needs.

#5.) Send Your Invitations

The fun begins early- it’s time to send out your invitations! A good rule of thumb is to send these babies out 4-6 weeks in advance so your guests will have time to plan and purchase a gift. Texting should serve as more of a reminder rather than a replacement of the invitation, but to each his or her own.

#6.) Plan Your Menu

Now it’s time to decide what food you want to have at the party. If you know the favorite food of the person you’re planning the party for things get easy and you can grow your menu from there. Once you know whether you want a full meal or just finger foods, decide whether you want to make everything yourself or have it catered.

#7.) Throw Some Fun Into Your Theme

Now that you have your guest list, location, menu and everything else in place so far, it’s time to throw in some fun. Depending on your chosen theme, there can be a nice list of games and other entertainment to go with it. If you plan on having music at your party, go ahead and put together a playlist for the big day.

#8.) Now for Decorations!

A birthday isn’t complete without decorations, even if it is a party for adults. Party planning stores are great for find cute and cheap party decor as well as plates, silverware and other favors for the food you have planned.

Planning a party can be a breeze if you are prepared, not to mention be easy and stress-free. Our goal here on Kebab Nation is to help you plan easy parties of all types, so you can focus more on the fun instead of being a host that stays on the run.